The name 'Three Square Meals' has nothing to do with the dietary compliance of having three high protein meals in a day. Instead, this online food delivery website believes in serving 'Wholesome meals for busy folks'. Nothing new there, but for once a brand does not preach dietary requirements, giving you six packs and does not have their meals verified and quoted by a charming female dietician. The website is clean, uncomplicated and devoid of any kind of douchery. Information on plans and dishes is made important which is not more than a two step process.

Nuvofoodies extended an invite to us to try out a lunch meal from them and we were delivered the following two packages at our doorsteps:

1. Amritsari Paneer Salan with Chapati and Rice.

2. Chicken Tenders with tropical guava reduction, cous-cous and roasted vegetables. Side portion of mixed vegetable salad.

Both of these meal packages came with a Banana each.

Specifications out of the way and let's get down to what's inside these boxes. 

The 'Chicken Tenders' box looked promising and packed to the brim. At 200 odd bucks (if gone ahead with the 20 meals-4 weeks plan) this one turned out to be an absolute value for money, light on the gut and packed with the right mix of proteins and carbs. The Chicken seemed to have gone a tad overcooked and dry, but flavours mentioned on the label come right through. All three elements Chicken, Cous-Cous and roasted vegetables were in just the right proportion to each other. The meal came with an additional bowl of veggies similar to the ones in the main dish, added thinly sliced Paneer and with a finish of sesame-garlic vinaigrette on top.

Amritsari Paneer Salan with Chapati & Rice was the second package. The thick curry was tasteful and contained enough cubes of Paneer as well, though the quantity seemed a little meagre for dunking two chapatis and a portion of moist rice. Again, at 200 bucks this package seems not very justified. Preferably a larger portion of the gravy itself and a few more slices of cucumber and carrot wouldn't do harm to the costing at the makers end.

The ever-changing menu acts as a factor that can certainly draw it's returning clients and has a lot more of Sandwiches, Pasta and Salad on board with a fewer Indian meals. Ideally if you're looking a wholesome Indian meal day after day, then this would be a disappointment. Their strong side is their Continental menu that offers some unusual dishes like Honey Mustard glazed Chicken, Grilled Chimichurri Sandwich, Jamaican jerk rub Cottage Cheese et al and seems like a more redeeming affair than the Indian one. If one has to choose between going ahead with a half monthly (1700/-) or monthly plan (3200/-), then we strictly suggest to getting used to the minimum commitment package (1 week-900/-), gauge if their style of meals suit your palate or not. It goes without saying that the vegetarian meals should be like their continental ones, bang for buck, packed to the brim with solid portions of proteins and veggies.

This being our first try from 3SqrMeals does not let us draw any verdict on their food or service. We plan to try a few more A la carte meals from them and reserve our judgement for later.

Currently they do not deliver all over Mumbai, which can disappoint many a clients from Andheri, Chembur, Powai and Juhu. 

You can order can your 3SqrMeals from

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