I am Assad, welcome to Medium&Rare - where I eat, cook, photograph, flaneur, film and experiment (in no particular). 

I’ve had quite a few gigs in the past - (Project manager, Animation trainer, visual artist, DJ, Breakfast-delivery service owner&delivery dude, Horticulture grad; are some of them) - but currently all my time, spaces and energies belong to innovating engaging, delightful visuals for and with anyone who’d like to play. 

I’m self taught and the journey started just like it does with any creative pursuit - peculiar satisfaction, that funny little kick, derived by ‘making’ something original -  from behind the lens and around food in my case. 

At Medium&Rare; I develop a variety of visually appealing communications & solutions - after closely deliberating and ideating with some of the top Chefs, Restaurant brands and gastronomes. Taking my not so general immersion from the world of food up a notch; I will often style it, and will develop recipes, and indulge in interior and architectural setups of food spaces. 

I also have a video series production - 'I Was Here'  as you may have noticed - where I take up unguided travel to a city and present my observations on its food+people and everything that sews them together.  

I can be found zipping around my bike in the city, looking for grub in strange places, ideating better public spaces, or placing my hopes in the next AC Milan fixture. If you’re into any of this, shoot me a line. x 

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