Somedays i like to enter a restaurant, take a seat, without asking for anything or anyone would like to get the food straight up on the table and in pretty large plate. This is exactly what happens at Shabree. Enter during lunch hours and you're welcomed by an array of servers holding a variety of traditional aluminium pots filled with fragrant curries and other aromatic elements of a thalli, working like a well oiled machine, coming to your table and adding that spoonful of classic goods making up a royal Maharashtrian meal. 

After a string of continental meals, this one weekday was set to be a mission in Pune to feast on soul food of 'Grade A' quality. Shabree did not disappoint at all. The Aloo Pakodas and the Dal Bhajiyas came descent warm and crispy, followed by a creamy rich oh-so-heavenly 'Zunka'. Break a little Bhakri and engulf a little of that masaledar Zunka inside it, You'll probably do what i did, call for another spoonful of that gorgeousness. The Gobi Bhajji, Aluchi Bhajji and Mirchi Varan were all equally satisfying and fit well in the plate based on Marathi flavours. My expectation of the Dahi Kadhi was of the regular yoghurt curry and savoury taste, but what was in the bowl turn out to be a little Gujarati with humungous kick of sweetness. All these repeated rounds of Pakodas and Zunka with Bhakri eventually caught up on me and put me into skipping the Rice from the meal. Drinking down bowls of Dal and Kadhi, i was prepared to turn the pace down and indulge into that two sweet elements - Dudhi Halwa and Mango based Kheer. It was just sheer luck that two of my up-the-charts Indian desserts were left to devour. Three servings of each, since i didn't want to step out of this place with any regret of not pleasing myself with those two calorie laden desi desserts. 

At 420 bucks a thalli it does sound expensive, but hey we at times eat a portion of Spaghetti Bolognese which is equally or higher priced. A gratifying lunch to say the least, this place is highly recomended if you're on FC Road in Pune.