It all begins with those frantic phone calls and whatsapp messages from friends "Kabhi jana hai Mohd Ali Road ?" Mohd Ali Road remains the people's choice of word and the actual hub for street food but this time we started a bit different. 

Walking from Dongri, we hit MS Ali Road which has places like Zaika and JJ Jalebi. Zaika serves great Tangdi kebabs & various tikkas topped with chatpata salt and Naan. Next Door, JJ Jalebi serves the quite obvious of sweets. Walk another 50m straight from here and take left to reach another joint - Jilani Corner. You can feast into some good Baida Roti and Rolls here. We tasted some delicate Chicken Cheese Baida Roti & spicy Gurda Tawa. Note that next to it is the dessert hub - Tawakkal. One of the best Mango Firni and Kesar Firni is to be found here. Dig into your earthen katori and you will find a very ampoli-ish solidified pulp bits and small slices of mango in it. Malpuha is available in eggless, single and double style. Straight and left from Jilani comes Bara (12) Handi. Cooked in various containers and always simmering are various stews and curries. Nalli NIhari is a hit here and it differs well from the one you get at Noor Mohammedi. They also have bade & chote ka paya, Mutton Harissa, Sukha & Bhel (interesting combination of all the containers). 

Walk out from this lane and get to Mohd Ali Road where you'll go past Shalimar & Noor Mohammadi. Continue straight and the brightly lit heavy guarded junction of Minara Masjid is here. This has basically everything. From Chinese Grill (restaurant) to Suleman Usman MIthaiwala and the n number of street side stalls. One can sample Mawa Jalebi's to Sandal's and again Malpuha's to Sutarfeni. The Mawa Jalebi is one off and simply cannot be missed. The particular stall to look for is the 'Burhani Mawa Jalebi'. All in all this particular area is a feast street but with way too much chaos and crowd at peak hours.

This is my coverage from the first trip. Second trip is due next week. Nawab Kebab, Sarvi, Chand Harissa, Noor Mohammedi & more in the next.

AuthorAssad Dadan