What's the fun if there ain't no cheat day once or twice in a week, Right ? And it's even more awesome when you get to binge on some monster cookies with nutella sticking to your fingers and then licking them off clean.

So two days back, early in the morning outta nowhere was i humming " I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar" with little bit of beat-boxing to keep the rhythm going and then my mind was stuck in a rut - Cookies - Cookies - Nano - Nutella Sea Salt Cookies ! If you've been hooked to twitter since the past year or more then you've probably seen tweets about a Tata Nano parked at pretty locations and selling freshly baked batches of assorted cookies. What started out as a mere food truck, err - food car, eventually transformed into a store at Lower Parel. That's one of the finest start-up success story you'll hear. The baker face behind this venture is of Neha Sethi, An Investment Banker.

The store is brightly painted in that cute baby blue that we saw also on the Nano. Sticking to it's roots, Exterior wall have a Nano painted just below it's logo - Sweetish House Mafia (No, This ain't no EDM joint). Their signature cookie is the Nutella with Sea Salt. My honest comment would be - It's big, It's filling, tastes better than the best, crumbles into bits and gives you alternating bursts of melted chunks of Nutella and Sea Salt. It's that sweet yet salty dwindling mind games that your palate is forced to play bite after bite is what works brilliantly here. Equally indulgent are the Double Choco Chip Cookies and the cinnamon infused Snickerdoodle followed by Peanut Butter and Oatmeal. Cookies are available in both egg / egg-less formats (Not all though).

The cookies from SHM are highly recommended. My half an hour bike ride was made all worth after that first bite into that Nutella Cookie. Simply cannot get over it - Highly addictive.

Store Location : Next to Café Zoe,  Mathuradas Mill Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel.

Nutella with Sea Salt

Nutella with Sea Salt