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In this second installment of our travel through Vietnam, we take a closer look at the coastal city of Da Nang, understand Central Vietnamese cuisine, their specialty noodles - 'Mi Quang' and finally travel to the neighboring ancient Japanese town of Hoi An.

Hanoi and Halong Bay are the first two stops in our journey through north to south of Vietnam. Hanoi's old world charm mixed with the upcoming modern world makeover makes it a unique place in all of southeast Asia. From the famous 'Egg Coffee' to French baguette influenced Vietnamese sandwich 'Banh Mi' we've got it all covered in this new episode.

Everything you wanted to know about this mega-city, what to eat, where to go and what to do during your visit to Bangkok. From shopping at Chatuchak market to eating Pad Thai at Thipsamai and lots more.

Remember when we went around India eating to live all that goodness? This is just like that - except its Bangkok and Hanoi and Ha Long Bay and Da Nang AND Ho Chi Minh (& Awesome).

'Food Photography 101' is coming back on 4th June, 2017 at Magazine St. Kitchen. Tickets available at Insider website.

Sessions is our brand new series that showcases talents from the culinary world who are making a difference by setting themselves apart by ways of their talent and thought process, be it perfecting an age old tradition or creating something new using modern techniques. Watch the first episode here.