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This second installment of 'I Was Here - Iran' is more deep rooted in the local culture as Assad spend times in Isfahan at Howzak House, where the Babak- one half of the proprietor duo talks about the Irani way of life, Gormeh Sabzi and the beloved Chaiee. More stories from the ruins of Persepolis to the stained glass mosque of Shiraz and carpet artisans from Mashhad.

Taiwan Experience of Medium&Rare host and writer- Assad Dadan with Taiwan Tourism Bureau India. Taipei ➡️ Penghu ➡️ Hualien ➡️ Yilan ➡️ Taipei ➡️ Shifen

New year, new stories. Some labelled it 'The Axis of Evil', we call it a utopia, a free state of mind, a place where saffron infused meals, a casual smile and unconditional hospitality is always around the corner. Full episodes coming soon.

The last installment of this season's travel to Vietnam culminates at the southern city of 'Ho Chi Minh'. Modern, systematic and clean, run almost like a private enterprise. Join us as we explore the different markets, party districts, pedestrian plaza, lunch lady of Saigon, microbreweries and more.

Remember when we went around India eating to live all that goodness? This is just like that - except its Bangkok and Hanoi and Ha Long Bay and Da Nang AND Ho Chi Minh (& Awesome).