Upon picking up news from a bunch of friends that there was new eatery on Pali, I stopped by here today and picked up a combo meal which best suits a lunch deal that is not too heavy on the stomach and also on the wallet.

For 130 bucks, You get one half portion of gravy dish to choose from Butter Chicken, Chicken Bhuna & Tikka Masala with 2 Tandoori Rotis or 1 Rumaali along with a portion of Dudhi / Gajar halwa. The Packaging as you can see in the pictures is quite tidy. They even provide some neat vegetarian options too. Will try that soon.

Reached my desk and unboxed contents from the paper bag. The Butter Chicken looked great at a glance. Roti was made may be an hour earlier so was not crisp as it should be - But hey ! It's a take away catering joint and not live kitchen so cannot complain. The Butter Chicken is rich and thick in texture and very much enjoyable with the Tandoori roti. Portion is overwhelming for one person, ideal for two. Dudhi Halwa was gorgeously pistachio coloured, fragrant and kept lingering in my palate - absolute winner.

My only complain is that not all dishes were ready at the start of lunch time. They asked me to wait for 10 minutes while they could get the Chicken Bhuna which i opted for in the first place.They have to pull up their socks and be ready by noon. It's Mumbai after all and one does not have time to spare on a weekday.

AuthorAssad Dadan