My first question over the phone while speaking to a sandwich specialty eatery in close vicinity to my office (Sandwizzaa) was "Yeh Banana Crush sandwich mein kya filling hai?"

The first thought even before he answered my question was a sandwich filled with sliced banana, crushed walnut, peanut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder. I even imagined a hint of Nutella to be honest. Rather what I got to hear from the guy was a sandwich filled with Spiced & Boiled Banana. I reverted back to him saying "Ek Grill Sandwich without cheese dena"

This conversation stayed with me through the week and on weekend I dropped by Sandwizzaa in the evening to test out this Boiled Banana Sandwich. If you're not aware about Sandwizza then they are a sandwich only humble joint spread across the city with multiple outlets. Thankfully no run-of-the-mill filling like cheese club, masala cheese & paneer mayo which every other roadside stall offers. Instead, They offer options like Banana Crush, Carro Bite, Basil Bite, Activity Toast and few more which sets them apart. 

Banana Crush Bite

Banana Crush Bite

So ordered my Banana Crush. This sandwich is available in two sizes - Toast version & Bite version, The difference being that the toast is regular loaf sandwich and the filling does not have all the elements which the Bite (bigger) version has in it. Having tried both the options, i would recommend going for the Bite simply because it has everything in it. The filling is made of up Boiled & Mashed Kaccha Kela mixed with three types of Bell-peppers, Chopped Lettuce and Boiled Sweet Corn.  The Green Banana is boiled, mashed and spiced with subtle grounded masala thus giving a very potato like starchy texture in taste and appearance to make believe that it is indeed potato. This mixture when spread between bread and grilled with a slap of butter, tastes divine. When dipped in their unique Red Chutney (made up of Pomegranate, Raisin & Kashmiri Dry Chili), The sandwich tastes a notch better.

Mind you, Having a full portion of this sandwich did leave a typical after-taste like that of an unsweetened starchy green banana.

AuthorAssad Dadan