The part where you will find Anonymous to be actually anonymous is the missing signage that direct customers to the rooftop since not all the lift doors lead you here. If I’m correct it was only the extreme left one that had access to the rooftop. The large wooden portal features a sliding peephole - I wished someone asked me a secret code through it and let me in. But that wasn't the case :-(

This rooftop space in the Cerebrum building of Kalyani Nagar is massive and split into a cozy enclosure and a larger alfresco with a part higher seating on one end and a stage on the other end. The ambiance overlooking the city is perfect for a chilled winter dinner or an afternoon brunch in the shade. Alfresco seating could have been a tad more relaxed and cushioned. 

We sampled a few dishes during our time here - Rotiserrie Chicken, Chimichanga Veg & Chicken Schnitzel along with a few brews. Menu is rather extensive for a cafe, easily covering all continents of the world. A more compact menu and one that can let me easily shortlist dishes is surely welcome. First up, Rotiserrie Chicken delivered perfectly what was expected out of it - Juicy protein and subtle flavours. Next was vegetarian version of the popular southern dish- Chimichanga. This one was an open face fried pastry filled with beans and other veggies covered with a thick blanket of a bourbon coloured sauce (Not sure if it was Chimichurri as the menu mentions it. From my knowing, Chimichurri is a green base sauce). Cracking open the airy pastry is a breeze and enjoyable with the veggies. The sauce on top was too dramatic and acidic such that it cut through all the flavours and hit the palate in every bite. Chicken Schnitzel was last to arrive-  Deep Fried Bread Crumbed flat Fillet covered with a white sauce of capers served with sides of Herbed Rice, Mashed Potato and assorted Veggies. The portion size of it is massive and is easily a one-time meal kind of dish. Chicken is rendered perfectly and tastes better with a dash of the sauce packed with capers. A perfect Ten-on-Ten dish.

All in all, the place packs a lot of potential, but does not come together as one would want it to. Service is slow and guests are left on their own for a good time other than when orders need to be taken. We dined on a certain slow paced weekday, Though it would be great to see a full house on weekends with live performances on the stage. With a square feet space as big as this one, It is surely not only the food that will matter but also the experience. Anonymous tries a bit too hard with its rebellious graffiti, rustic looks and back-lit table but does not converge all this into a so called 'happening' Pune affair.

A general understanding after visiting a few new restaurants in Pune is that people here do not accept new places / menus with curiosity and visits, but rather stick to tried and tested places / dishes. It is this culture that can put even an eatery with blooming potential into a slack of boredom.

*Medium&Rare was invited for this meal. Views are purely unbiased. We don't do paid reviews.

AuthorAssad Dadan

The brewery landscape has gotten an overhaul since a couple of years with the fads of Microbreweries across the metropolitan cities. So new entrepreneurs took it to their hands to develop their own variations of stouts, ciders, ales and roots et al. The city of Pune was suddenly envied due to the existence of their 'The 1st Brewhouse' inside 'The Corinthians Boutique Hotel'. Here, the brand 'Doolally' served (and still serve) some exquisite handcrafted brews. My trips to Pune are generally sparse and shortly timed. On a recent trip which was much more oriented for meeting a few clients resulted in finding time to visit this brewhouse. The place is plain picturesque and echoes 'Timber' & 'Turf' at every corner. With an option to choose from -Apple Ciders, Pumpkin Ales, German Wheat,  Irish Stout and few more, Apple Cider hands down is a drink for the masses. Sweet notes of the Himachal Apples with hint of Cinnamon renders a very nectar-ish taste that is easy on anyone's palate. Appearance-wise too it can deceive anyone for a sparkling apple nectar. The cider leaves such a lingering effect to one's palate that it makes it painfully difficult for anyone to order any other flavour.

*Looking for some handy finger food with your beer then do try their Beer battered fish, Lollipops or Gilafi Kebabs.

Another of my pick for the Cider brew from the city of Pune is 'Flambos Brewpub'. This microbrewery is located adjacent to INOX in Bund Garden. In fact, Flambos happened to be my first experience of a microbrewery. Right away at its entrance you can see the pressurized kegs and then the restaurant space that opens to a much tex-mex styled predominantly woody diner with hits from the 80s and 90s played from the audio console. The Cider beer here is different - features a turbid appearance and carries infusion of strawberries. The beer here seems generally less filtered and more frothy which adds a different dimension. The Bavarian wheat beer is fairly okay here. Irish Stout is a next best if you're not in the mood for the nectar like taste of the Cider.

*You can order a portion of Chicken Wings or Nachos with Salsa or Assorted Platter to go well with your beer.

Doolally will be soon throwing the gates open to Mumbai with its Taproom space on Bandra Reclaimation. Sorry ! No Microbrewery here, but only fresh import of their kegs from Pune.