My childhood memories of Poona (not popularized 'Pune' back then) is of travelling in the White-Green MRSTC  bus starting from Dadar bus stand passing through carved ghats and arriving at Pune station. Dad always made us stay at a certain 'Dreamland' hotel close to the bus station. Mornings were spent sitting in the balcony enjoying the chaos at the busy junction while lunch was a cab ride to Camp Area, specifically 'Dorabjee' for their Dhansak, Salli Ghosh and Bheja . Evening meal at times was at the generic restaurant in the hotel or only if we felt adventurous, then some good diner in Deccan or Camp.

A lot has changed since those days; Poona has transformed into a vibrant 'Pune City', I've got a set of thick friends, cousins who belong there and my two wheel wandering has enabled me to navigate through some unknown lanes and satiate my high to find a new route to every destination. The past few trips have only made me incline more towards this city than Mumbai for various reasons. The culinary scene is on a tremendous rise with almost all giant eateries making their way into the malls while some better home-grown eateries & breweries have exploded in Pune and then made their way to Mumbai. A deeper analysis will only keep me favouring to this concentrated, well organized conurbation than it's neighboring megacity. 

Here is the list of a few of my explored eateries from this city. I'm sure these are not even half of what Pune has to offer, yet making an effort to put these eateries on the social media map.

(CA - Camp Area, KP - Koregaon Park, AU - Aundh, BG - Bund Garden, SR - Sasoon Road, VN - Viman Nagar, KR - Kothrud, SV - Salunke Vihar, KN - Kalyani Nagar, NIBM - NIBM Annexe)

  • Marz-o-rin (CA) - My first love in the city and the best place to catch up on friends for a quick chat with Chutney Sanchwiches, Baked Bean Macaroni, Slushes & Burgers.
  • Dorabjee (CA) - That old school favourite from childhood. Legendary Parsi delicacies liike Mutton Dhansak, Kheema Bheja, Saali Ghosh, Akuri & Traditional Parsi Biryani's creates that perfect nostalgia.
  • Cafe Yedzan (CA) - Good old irani cafe known for a cuppa Chai, Bun Maska and Cheese Toast.
  • Vohuman Cafe (SR) - Known for their legendary breakfast. Don't miss the Double Cheese Omelette, Bhurji, Bournvita & Chai.
  • Olympia Restaurant (CA) - Kathi Kebab Rolls while on the stroll.
  • German Bakery (KP) - Of Course ! For the buzzin crowd, location and all day cafeteria food.
  • Flour Works (KN) - A piece of Bandra but situated in Kalyani Nagar. Scrumptious breakie, sandwiches & continental mains. 
  • Smiley House (AU) - For that quaint vietnamese soul food.
  • Habibi (KP) - Hearty Mezze & Kebabs in an open air middle eastern ambiance.
  • High Spirts (KP) - To experience the famous 'Cookout' sessions.
  • Independence Brewing Company (KP), Flambos Brewpub (BG) & Doolally (NIBM)- Brilliant Craft Beers straight from their Microbreweries.
  • Chopsticks Malabar Spice (VN) - Not much popular for their Chinese preparations as for their Kerala Thalli, Parotha, Chettinad Curries & Biryani.
  • Tiranga (KR) - If you've an appetite for a true Maharashtrian cuisine and like your burps blazing like a dragon then their Gavran Handi, Rassa, Sukka & Thallis are for you to devour. 
  • Kayani Bakery (CA) - Pack some of their world renowned Shrewsbury Biscuits & Mawa Cakes.
  • Yumme Tumme (SV) - Very underrated, dirt cheap eatery but serves some idiosyncratic food. Must try their Shawarma & Afghani Burger. 
  • Jashn (SV) - For that unexpected generous mouth watering late night meal. 
Shrewberry Biscuits, Kayani Bakery  (Image Courtesy :

Shrewberry Biscuits, Kayani Bakery (Image Courtesy :

High Spirits  (Image Courtesy : Zomato)

High Spirits (Image Courtesy : Zomato)

Some other good old places may have been missed out, nevertheless there are a few more trips left to be made and it'll surely bring out those names along with new hidden gems. 

With such a breezy pleasant weather right now in the summers, i'm surely contemplating a temporary move to this city. All these meals & hanging out would not have been possible without the help of a city insider, Ms. Jehan Thanks for bearing with the random visits, early breakfast calls & late night hopping.

Here are the three episodes we produced in collaboration with Novus Pictures. The series is called 'I Was Here' and these three episodes are based in Pune.


This review and visit was done in July but was not published on the blog. 


My memories of Parsi food goes back to just one and only place, Dorabjee & Sons in Camp, Pune. The old rustic setting and i remember my cousin sister from UK freaking out seeing chicken drumstick with its skin in gravy, all slithery and slimy. Other than that i have attempted having Dhansakh from Cheron's and the sunday Dhansakh my mums makes with the fragrant brown basmati.

Jumjoji is a more upmarket or better to be called 'Gourmet' Parsi food. The place is hard to spot amongst the flashy row of eatery on the ONGC colony stretch. Draped in white and wood, the place is bit understated and the interiors bit too tiny. You get to glance on a parsi wall of fame. The setting is candlelight cozy and during our visit the other end of the restaurant was fully blacked out.

The menu is crisp and short. The dishes mainly carry a parsi name like zarine dastoor's hara bhara kebabs and more. Patra ni machi was one of the pre-decided main course item even before we reached the place. Sadly the expectation was short-lived and we were informed that the recent dry spells of mumbai monsoon had lead to jumjoji not being able to get their fillets from the macchi market. The kebabs were ordered, chicken kebabs looked dull and skinny like the cold storage ones but the mutton kebabs saved the start of the night. Perfectly XL sized meat balls, finely minced meat covered in a thin and deep fried crust was just the right portion, a little over-salted but i guess that we all loved it. Next up was Mutton Salli with pav. The gravy was bit too sweet and ketchupy for anyone's palate, The ratio of onion to meat in the gravy was bit overwhelming. A simple daily thing like pav was not fresh and felt that such a small yet important binding agent was not paid attention to. Then again the meat chunks saved the night. Every strand pink and as you just pressure with your fingers it breaks apart. The cooking techniques has to be appreciated but the ratio of it's ingredients needs reworking to be true.
The Berry Pulao was strictly okay. The chicken bits were hand to find among the colorful layer of rice. The dal that was served with it again was too sweet and didn't help in any way. This was the most disappointing dish of the night. Last in main course was Dhansakh with brown rice. This dish was a complete opposite in terms of portion size and rice quality - hearty and basmati as opposed to the tukda variant of the pulao. The chicken flesh from the dhansakh was yet again skillfully slow-cooked. Moist, juicy and just a little pink on the insides.

Lagan nu custard was the last to arrive and in my books was just stuckin brilliant. The eggyness is just heavenly in this dish. All that previous inconsistency was blown away in a gust and how !

Basically if i have to sum the experience at Jumjoji, It's a parsi diner with a unwanted twist. The twist is that of sophistication and miserly inconsistent gourmet portions. Hope they improve and soon.