Kurla is famous for a couple of things - Kalpana theatre for the sleazy bhojpuri movies, notorious car spares market and lastly a meander of miya bhai khana. Seek Kabab (not Kebab - coz kurla mein banta aisa ich bolte hai !) and Paratha is a quite a local hit and you have almost 4-5 great places that do this really well. These kind of eateries are not meant for the hygiene conscious folks at all.

I was introduced to this seek diner some 5-6 years back by a few friends who stayed in it's vicinity. They have a take away stall right at the footpath which shimmers under a white bulb and small branding. Full with heaps of mint leaves, sliced onions and round after round of smoking hot amazingly aromatic kababs arrive straight from their kitchen slash restaurant a few metres inside of that same lane. Usually the take away counter and the restaurant staff don't have a minute to spare but i got lucky last night to catch Mohd. Rafiq Qureshi at the counter as i discussed with him his daily routine at the restaurant and how it came into existence. Probably i'll reserve that lengthy conversation for some other post.

At this time of Ramadan, people are off to the Mohd Ali Roads of town in search of malpuhas, niharis and baida rotis. That makes Nawab's very much inviting and less crowded. What it does is - makes you sit on the bench, break the fried paratha- squeeze a piece of that tender grilled meat in between it- soak it in the runny chutney and live that moment. It's absolute guilty pleasures deal and one shouldn't mind it at all.

It's open till 4 am for now. So no matter how late you are from work do stop under the Kurla east west bridge, find Nawab's on the LBS marg and eat your heart out for 45 bucks a plate !!

*The protein used by them is what we bade ka gosht a.k.a beef.

AuthorAssad Dadan