Nowadays walking into a mall has become somewhat of a rarity for me and RCity at Ghatkopar is the last thing i would do on a nightmarishly crowded Sunday. For a change i did and went particularly for this joint - 5 Fat Monks, after my sister and sister-in-law's recommendation.

It's located at the back side of the mall on the ring of eateries that run along in a semi circle. Interiors are fresh in white and dominantly bright orange. The kitchen is open and was quite busy due to the fact it also does home deliveries around that vicinity.

FFM is built on the concept of Stir Fry Kitchen. You can pick and choose your proteins, sauces, veggies and build it around a rice or noodles meal-in-a-box. The concept is neat, but we stuck to their combinations instead of ours. Ordered the 'Prawn-Chicken-Lamb Holy Trinity', Smokey Yakitori Chicken and Silky Dim Sums. The Yakitori Chicken was served in no time. Just like the Japanese Street Yakitori, it was six bite sized chicken cubes on mini skewers. The chicken was flavoured well in soy and mirin combination with a dash of sesame on top. Though some people might find it a tad bit over-salted. Between this and the next one we spent a good 15 minutes waiting for the dish. #NotCool, seriously not cool. The Silky Dim Sums were little dry and not close to the slippery silky ones you can have at Yauatcha. The filling was generous, not too salty and overall it needs the help of the side garlic and chilli oil to really provide you that punch. Holy Trinity was next and filled upto the top of the box. Thumbs for the portion size and quality of ingredients. I would have preferred this in a more drippy saucy avatar, but nevertheless it was a good VFM dish.

Do ask them for a cup of green tea at the end as they say it's #ontheHouse. The tea might just help you cut all that goodies you just stuffed into stomach. Flavours apart FFM comes out as a VFM eatery that does not burn holes in your monthly eating-out expense. I say so because all the three dishes were shared between three of us and we are decently gluttonous eaters !