Me : Hello !

Other end : Hello !

Me : I’m standing close to Joey's Pizza. Could you help me locate your restaurant please ?

Other end : Sure, Continue down the same road once you pass Joey's and take left. First building on the right hand side, That's the one. We're located at the back side of that building.

Few minutes of walking aided by trusty Google Maps, we arrive at the back side of this building to locate 'Frisbees, Pie in the sky'.

Me : Is this Frisbees Burger joint ?

Guy in the head chef kinda attire : Yes, this is Frisbees. So, Did you have difficulties locating us ?

Me : A little. Then you guided us right.

Guy in the head chef kinda attire : Actually we're running an offer this week; if you manage to reach here without asking us for directions, then you get a 20% discount on your burger !

Me : *Rolling eyes* Like really ! Why did you answer that call? Should have just let it ring !

Continued by little laughter and chit-chat leading to the order.

Frisbee's original lamb burger & original chicken burger.

Frisbee's original lamb burger & original chicken burger.

The picture above doesn't particularly feature an idealistic burger, but yes that's what i could manage inside a running kitchen in between flying tickets and no place to sit.

A brief look at the menu and my eyes told me where to look at - Frisbees original beef burger ! Sadly, the Maharashtra Government has declared the lovely protein to be debarred from any kind of a sale. So moving on, between the two of us we ordered a Original Lamb Burger & a Chicken Burger each. The place is full of offers and discount throughout the week. We got Milkshakes at a discounted rate along with our burgers.

The Good Stuff :

The buns are made fresh & in-house. Not your average sized buns but a much larger one that will surely not win a beauty pageant but nevertheless and more importantly tastes fresh. Patties are freshly grounded and made to fit the large bun well. Overall, the substantially sized burgers are devoid of any gourmet detailing and difficult to pronounce ingredient names. Buttered halves are followed by sliced tomatoes and iceberg lettuce topped by their patty and drizzled with house dressings.

The understated glass of milkshake turned out to be a rather wild card winner. The Gulkand, Brownie and the Marshmallow flavours all taste rich and thick. Really appreciate that some extra thoughts have been put to stay away from the run of the mill banana, chocolate & strawberry flavours.

The Debatable Stuff :

Size - At burgers averaging 250-270 bucks from a take away place seems a bit unfair. Even if they are using some blend of slightly expensive herbs still the price seems a tad bit over the margin considering the following factors - No sitting and just an acceptable neighbourhood. An average of 200-220 bucks would make for a stellar deal.

Fries though fresh and crisp are heavily spiked with hot spice. Not sure how that would turn out after reaching the customer in a 20-30 minutes delivery period.

Perks :

Well, A lot of perks ! Daily discounts and combo offers are just ways to pamper you. You can add extra patty and super-size your burger too. We've seen one getting parcelled and it had to be precisely laminated and stuffed in that card paper box.

Fin :

Almost a year old brand, and it's barely mined by the locals. Do try them out if you're located in their delivery circle (Lokhandwala, 4 Bungalows, 7 Bungalows, Veera Desai Road etc).

They may not be an epitome in the burger scenario of suburbs, but there is a genuine attempt to satiate those burger cravings of people in it's vicinity. If Joey's Pizza is considered an Andheri legend then Frisbees surely can be it's prodigy in the making.

Location : Shop 37, Andheri Shiv Shakti CHS, Municipal School Road, Indira Nagar, Andheri West

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Location : Zapata's, Shop 13-14, Pleasant Park, Link Road, Opposite Movie Time Theatre, Malad West

Firstly to get the mood going let's listen to some pop from 80s. Yazoo did this amazing track which i only heard now in 2015 while watching a sitcom #TheAmericans. If you haven't seen it then do check out this thrilling CIA vs KGB drama that has unfolded cautiously over three seasons. 

So moving on from Russians to Mexicans. On researching a bit over the internet it was found that Zapata meant an occupational name for a cobbler or shoemaker and also that 'Emiliano Zapata' was prominent figure from the Mexican Revolution. This Malad based eatery paints a different picture altogether. When conversing with one of the expat partner during our chef's table, he felt that Mexican food was not that greatly accepted here in Mumbai and with Zapata they wanted people to get comfortable with their asado style of cooking, tostados, ceviche and more that they have to offer.

Zapata's opens into a mix of high stools and cozy chairs enveloped in a wooden overtone. There's an yet to be complete artwork on one of its wall representing Mexico’s mafia in the form a dog smoking a cigar wearing a sombrero (very 'Snoop Dogg' i would say). My preferred ambiance will definitely be the open patch. The inside is such a stark contrast that it makes you feel you made your way from Mexico to Cuba.

Staff is well dressed with a smile. Makes you feel at ease throughout the meal.

Let me quickly run through the dishes that we tasted at the chef's table :

  • Drinks menu is up-to the mark like any other eatery with signature cocktails and other concoctions. Our White Sangria with pears was perfectly suited for the afternoon.
  • Nachos de zapata's - This large plate of concentric nacho rings came on a bed of minced chicken and refried beans with topping of fresh 'pico de gallo' salsa, guacamole, olives, jalapenos and sour cream. A supremely filling dish and perfect for a large group, though they do have smaller portions for a couple.
  • Tostadas - Presentation and stacking is precise. The use of microgreens is definitely appreciated. Tortilla crust was perfect, but the dish was vastly let down by the bland chicken meat. The dips will surely be of all help here. A roasted vegetables variation is available too. Portion size seems small for an appetizer worth upwards of 300 bucks.
  • Taquitos - These mini tortilla snackers with a softer crust are available in Asado Lamb and Beer-battered (Basa) fish variations. Take it with a squeeze of lemon and both of them will surely tantalize your tastebuds.
  • Burritos - We tried the Chipotle Fish variation which is plenty in portion but each bite rendered a lot of tortilla roll than the inner stuffing.
Chicken Tostados

Chicken Tostados

Having gobbled a lot of tortilla and nachos, we gave the next section 'main course' a miss. If Fajitas, Enchiladas or mixed platter is your game then you can surely go for it. With least regret in the stomach, we knew a better pasture was waiting for us. A dessert platter made its way on the table.

  • Desserts - Tres Leches & Churros are impeccable in taste and texture. The Flan was bit stiff and reminded me more of the pudding that mum makes at home. Having no previous taste memory of an 'Empanada', this one seemed more like a diwali karanji filled with caramelized nuts. The first try felt descent while the next one when accompanied with a little dollop of ice-cream and chocolate sauce made a small impact to the palate.

Zapata's will fare well from a corporate dining standpoint or weekend social gathering. The food though mostly flavourful and visually inviting still draws only a caricature of the Mexican culture. Nachos, Quesdillas, Fajitas and more has been done repeatedly by Chilis, Sammy Sosa, Sanchos and a few more. Mexican cuisine is not restricted to nachos, but consists of a lot of more like Mole Poblano, Tamale and Torta which can bring a lot of variety to the table than repetitive tortilla based dishes.

Folks staying in the final third of Mumbai - If sipping on strong concoctions and binging on typical Mexican food is what you're looking for then surely this is your place. Baba's & Baby's of South Bombay and Hipsters of Bandraites are certainly not missing anything by giving this place a miss.



Chili's needs no intro, It's Tex Mex and bit expensive to be true for an american fast food joint. Chili's powai is located on that posh street on Hiranandani Gardens after D-Mart. It's noisy, chittery-chattery all around and has 90s pop music playing through at high decibels. Conversation are difficult and so is finding any of the service staff. The staff is either too less or is just instructed to get back to the kitchen after each service. 

Soft Taco Shells with Crispy Chicken Filling.

Soft Taco Shells with Crispy Chicken Filling.

Chili's food was pure fast food affair, Something i haven't had since a long time. Appetizers were served in quick succession. Tandoori Paneer Quesadilla is very cleverly devised nugget of paneer and mozarella cheese. Both the textures compliment each other really well. Southwest Caesar Salad was bit dud, too much of cheap lettuce leaves and barely any chicken. Chicken Crispers were neat long strip of fried bread crumbed chicken but served a bit late and had lost that crispy coating. Fajitas were hearty and one of the best dish of the night. Chicken Burger too was massive with a generous steak / fillet. The best dish of the night was the last one - Crispy Chicken Tacos. The staff suggested that we go for a soft shell tacos and we did. Not too soft but average. Loads of chicken strips, iceberg bits, tabasco all in that one taco is real goodness of what fast food is about. They also serve a small portion of mexican rice & fried beans along with it. 

To sum up the experience, Chili's deliver the goods at a slightly steep price. If you're particular about ambience and prompt service, then this might not be the right place for you.

AuthorAssad Dadan

There are burgers, and there are double whoppers and then are massive open face burgers. The last one is by all means a mammoth task.

Visited #HungerPangs late last evening after hearing some good bits about it, even though my presumptions were overpowering the views from many people. The place has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. Dim lights and lanterns on tables make up for a descent conversational dinner. The menu is very deli type featuring Burgers, Cheese Logs, Beef Bolognese and Sandwiches. Service is quick and with smiles. Yorack - the man behind the ka-ching counter makes sure he has a feedback from almost all of his customers. 

The open face - 10 oz Legendary Chicken Burger is a must have dish. Stuffed with Grilled Onions, subtly flavoured Chicken Patty, Salami, Sunny side up, Sliced Onions & Tomato and Iceberg, it is one heck of a messy affair. The XL size of the serving itself is enough to put anyone into a food coma. The question is - Where does one begin from ? Cap the burger to begin the ritual and the egg yolk ruptures and oozes all over the burger layers. The stacking is neat and well balanced that nothing seem too dominating in flavours. The Sandwiches are massive too. Had ordered the Chicken Caesar S/W and it was served in a much Panini avatar that a regular sliced loaf. Loved that switch of bread as the texture is different and all the ingredients fit well inside the casing. Again, flavours are right there and well balanced. 

Do give it a try, I sure am going to yet again in this week for it's Pasta & Starters. What i love about this place is that the team behind it knows what they want to serve (limited american fast food & tex-mex dishes) and serve them well with perfect execution.

Just in case it's hard to locate the place - It's opp Nature;s Basket on Hill Road.

Happy Eating everyone !

Woodside's Beer & Burger fest was organized from 15th July until the 3rd of August. With options from the trendy Ramen Burger of Japan to Mexican Chipotle and from Frisco's Burger in a bowl to Gourmet Gujju's Eggplant and Mushroom Burger, it featured a host of patties and buns stacked in various styles from across the globe. Beer's from local micro breweries like Gateway Brewing Co. and pints from the likes of Asahis and Estrellas were all part of the seventh iteration of this festival.

After a good half an hour of waiting, we got a table upstairs which was minus the bar chaos and dim pubbish ambience. Wasting no time, we ordered the Crusty Noodle based Ramen burger and a Chicken Schnitzel Burger. I would have loved to sample the shrimp cake one and the Spiced Chickpea Pattice, if only there were more of us in number. 

First to sample was my obvious choice of the evening - 'Ramen'. Keizo Shimamoto has been known to pioneer this unique collaboration of 2 cultures. Fried Ramen Noodle-Buns on either side and a grounded beef patty in between. Woodside's Ramen too packs a punch of flavours and oozing juices. It's a messy affair and hence we stuck to knife and fork, stacking ramen crust over beef patty. Next was the German Schnitzel. Deep fried bread crumbed and well seasoned Chicken Filllet would be anybody's comfort snack. So it's obvious that tucking it in between a burger bun will just make it even scrumptious. It was an ideal and less messy burger. Spreading some Wasabi Mustard on each bite while alternating between fragrant potato skins and coleslaw is just additional comfort.

While an array of well known brands of world beer are stocked, people nowadays seem to be picking up local brews over their pricier counterparts. Domination of White Zen and Doppleganger Dunkel at the fest just proves a point that Micro Breweries are here to stay.

If the pictures made your stomach grumble, then you can still head to Woodside to enjoy their regular options of burger. Woodside has 2 outlets in #Mumbai, Colaba & Andheri.

AuthorAssad Dadan

After a slightly unimpressed first two visits, i took the time out to satiate my burger cravings last evening at Between Breads #bandra. And this time it didn't disappoint by any margin whatsoever. Got served a perfect Double Patty Beef Cheeseburger. It's mouthful and ginormous. Too many hints of peppercorn seasoning in the patty but you will get over after a few initial bites.

They have a special menu running from 25th July until 3rd August in collaboration with Small Fry Co. and serving some one-offs like Stuffed portobello mushroom sliders, Lamb sliders & Chicken wrapped in bacon, Salted caramel milkshake and more.

Cheeseburger at Between Breads, 16th Road, Bandra West

Cheeseburger at Between Breads, 16th Road, Bandra West

AuthorAssad Dadan