Getting invited to a pre-opening tasting is always exciting. One gets to know the brand and the ideology behind it really well. In this case, the brand - Biryani360 'Savour the flavour' is a brain child of the owner who has put a descent amount of time to research on how to break the mould and create a new domain for a very niche type of Biryani that's world apart from the Darbar's & Lucky's of this world.

What is different or rather - what are they doing different is the question ?

Well, It's a new approach to Biryani which is more Pulao-esque and replaces the usual components from the likes of Ghee fried potato and caramelized onions with garam masala base. Also the choice of rice grain is a mix of 3 different kind of Basmati than the usual dish which is restricted to one type of long grain. The research/analysis behind this mix of 3 grains is that it comes with a low level of carbs. That's actually thoughtful i would say. 

The Vegetarian version is made from a mix of the secret spices (which were not revealed to us) with finely slices veggies like onion, carrot, cabbage, green peas & a generous dash of 3 blend of saffron (See the pictures, you can spot the Saffron). The refreshing change from the usual Veg Biryani is that there is none of the Paneer filled reddish runny base. This is one is classy and ever so fragrant. 

The Un-Veg Biryani is a similar version but contains different proportion of veggies and bite sized fillet chunks of marinated Chicken. Texture it is more on the pulao side with an overall less pungent, less greasy and less guilty approach. Taste wise it packs a good punch of hotness which heals over time as you combine your biryani with a spoon of Mint Yoghurt. One serving of 300g approximately packs around 700 calories which is almost half of what other have to offer.

How to Order / Where is the restaurant / What is the price ?

- Orders will officially begins from 16th Nov using their smartphone app and the website. Only online payment are accepted and to a lot of people's disappointment - No cash on delivery.

- This is purely kitchen based concept hence it is restricted to just home deliveries. I believe the kitchen will be based in Bandra or Mahim and will cater to this side of the suburbs. With that said, the delivery time will be nothing less than 1.5 hours as it will be made sure that you only get the freshest batch which is cooked every certain hours of interval or once the order is placed. Meal will be delivered in a hot tray sealed and laminated to make sure no spilling or mixing of rice and yoghurt takes place. 

- Irrespective of the choice - Veg or Un-Veg, The price for a portion remains same at 360 bucks for a 300g serving. According to me the absence of price difference is fully justified as the ingredients cost the same across both the dishes. I'm yet to find a strand of real saffron in any average restaurant dish. The search for which ended at this Biryani.

So all the good things apart, I would really like to see how the team behind this venture performs when they go into the actual production drill from 16th November. I wish that i'm delivered the exact same meal which i was served yesterday at the pre-opening.

AuthorAssad Dadan