Firstly a mention and thank you to @zomato for their blessings in the form of vouchers for the Sunday Brunch gig by Citibank. After taking a brief look at the options available, A not so typical Sunday Brunch location was selected - Blue Frog. 

Your mind has these pre conceived notion of a party hub right ? Dim lights, Neon lines and in general chaos. Then you begin to visualize the same space in bright daylight ready for a meal and importance being shifted from music and drinks to food and service. It's quite a transformation to be true. One look at the Sunday Brunch setting at Blue Frog and you're convinced that its gonna be a great afternoon. Live band strumming tunes on guitar and those circular cocoon's filled with groups of people enjoying the food is a quite a comforting sight. 

Assorted Tapas Bar

Assorted Tapas Bar

Assorted Tapas :

Started off with the Tapas bar that features quite some refreshing salad in Chicken, Lamb, Seafood & Pork variations. The hearty lamb shred salad was my pick of the lot since it gave an unrestricted flavour of the meat to the palate followed by some greens and carrots. The Bread & Cheese basket is mildly addictive with its range of breads, buns, crackers, cheese, red grapes and dried apricots. One last mention from the assorted tapas goes to the delectable and pulpy Pumpkin & Dill Shots. 

On Order :

Pancakes, Waffles & Poached Eggs dishes all are well executed with adequate portion size and complimenting compote, cream and sauces. The mains were not too over the top, vastly came with a generic base of zucchini, carrot, broccoli, mash of potatoes and topped with the hero component. The grilled Tiger Prawns were contained with minimal seasoning and tasted moderate. The Chicken fillet too was a descent affair. The one that stood out was the Pan Seared Fish with Orange Butter. The Basa fillet was cooked to perfect moistness and drizzled with a zesty orange butter juice. Mushroom Risotto was ordered to satiate our desi stomach that craved for rice of some form. Again, Just like the other mains this one too was a descent fare. On an average the dishes on order proved to be neutral on satisfaction level. It is a good thing when you actually think about the variety you consume than re-ordering the favourite one yet again.

Desserts were the usual suspects of brownie, custard & cakes heavily laced with whipped cream. The sweet selections could have been lesser in numbers yet inviting had they provided Creme Brulee or Molten Lava Cake on order. 

In all, it was a fun-day lunching at a gig specialist enclosure with live music and diverse spread of consistent quality. At 2500/- per head (with unlimited drinks) this may be a stellar deal for the guzzlers while others may feel a pinch at 2000/- just for the modest food.  

You can book and enjoy your Sunday Brunch by visiting the website -

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