Firstly these are personal views and some people may or may not agree to what is being written below. Neither do i intend to promote any other brand in the same category.

To us Indians, Subs is synonymous to Subway - The great milestone brand from the west. Foot long baguette filled with lettuce, sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, gherkins, capsicum and meat of your choice plus a lot of options of sauces. I really love the ranch sauce and honey mustard. For many years we were stuck with just this one option - Subway. The gimmick that worked brilliantly and still works for us is the deal called#Suboftheday. Everyday a different sub is sold at a much lower price than usual. Indian always need more bang for bucks and they just gave us that. Roasted Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki, Hara Bhara Kebab, Italian BLT have been some of the well known and successful subs. Not only the fillings but subs come with a option for freshly baked breads too - Chipotle, Wheat, Multigrain etc. This is where is the good part ends - at-least for me.

My last outing with Subway must be approximately 2 years back at the one opposite National College. Ordered a 'Sub of the day' and the personnel behind the counter hurried me into the choice of bread and then to the veggies counter. 

Two Things got noticed - 
1. The guy behind the counter just wanted to get done with my order as there was a descent queue behind. So veggies were seen flying from his hands into the bread like it was a dunking game of NBA All stars. Slap and Bam !
2. The veggies used were of very inferior quality. Onions had the outer skins which get damaged, tomatoes were almost pale yellow and the mushrooms not fresh or cut too long back as they started getting brownish stale.

That was the last time i had their sub and as far as i remember it was not at all great. 

In the past 2-3 years, We've seen newer brands like 'Torrp It up' & 'Quiznos' open their branches across city and serve exactly the same concept. 'Torrp it up' was a descent effort, they had more options in the daily sub offer but the experience was short lived and not the right amount of marketing and social media may have put them in the backseat. Quiznos - Yet another western master at the game of subs opened soon in Bandra West. Fresh bright ambience and slightly different approach to subs made it more likeable by the gym goers and health conscious folks. I have been their loyalist since my first visit and till day, the quality has stayed the same. My point of concern - Veggies are fresh, bright and although not superior but best what money can buy at that price point. Plus no charges for adding cheese ! The breads are definitely better than others and your sub sees a little oven time before it arrives to your dish. 

If you have ignored this fact then might as well try some other subs brand and find out for yourself.

*Picture attached above is from Quiznos last night. Smoked Chicken Sub 

AuthorAssad Dadan