Work meeting & Culinary Talks - Friday evening at #FatmansCafe #Bandra

A meeting with Chef Joel D'Souza (Crumbs to Gourmet Catering Services) was due since a long time and Fatman's was the choice. Surprisingly, the cafe was all empty and one get to do the best thing in such a situation - Pick the best table in the house. Discussing food trends to passion for cooking to restaurant critiquing, order was placed for Classic Chicken Caesar Salad, Chicken Roulade & Grilled Chicken in Mushroom Pepper sauce. Incidentally everything in favour of the bird. 

Not going into details of each of the dish as the food had become secondary and talks were primary. All in all food was presented well and tasted equally good. Portions are descent sized and consistent. The Chicken Roulade was a bit different that caught my eye. Usually the Roulade is log of meat with filling, So when it is cut what you get is a golden brown ring on the outside and white meat with filling inside. On the other hand, here it seemed like the log was sliced and each slice was then pan-fried as the inside was bit golden brown and meat had become bit hard to bite into. This may very well also be the chef's take on the dish but nevertheless was enjoyable with the grilled veggies and risotto.

Our server insisted that we try their Orange Cream Cheese Cake. So we did and it turned out to be a scrumptious & ever so slightly crumbly cake. A bit more shavings of orange rest on top would have be perfect to end this evening dinner.

All in all a descent place to enjoy a expensive meal. To be true, i would certainly avoid it in peak hours due to the huge commotion and loud music. Perhaps, morning would be a good time to enjoy some poached eggs, sandwich and cappuccino sitting by the window.

AuthorAssad Dadan